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Winn Parish Medical Center’s Cell Phone/Camera Policy: Cell phone/camera use is strictly prohibited within the facility at Winn Parish Medical Center to record images including pictures, audio or video of a patient whether by employee, patient or visitor. Anyone observed taking photographs with a cell phone of a patient will be required to immediately erase photographs from the phone. All patients will be informed upon admission into the facility (or his/her responsible party) that cell phone /camera use is prohibited to record images including pictures, audio or video of other patients. The use of cell phone / cameras in our hospital to record images of a patient is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and is punishable by law including fines or imprisonment.

Personal Belongings: Winn Parish Medical Center is not responsible for any personal property of patients or visitors on Winn Parish Medical Center’s facility premises, including patient rooms.

Safety and Security: We want your stay with us to be a pleasant experience, and we remain committed to your personal safety and security. We have a competent security staff who will act promptly for your safety and concerns. Please be advised that we are not responsible for valuables left in rooms. Guests are asked to leave their valuables at home. If you do bring valuables with you please let the nursing staff know so that the valuables can be locked in the Business Office.

WPMC conducts regularly announced fire drills at various times throughout our facility and continually trains all employees in lifesaving methods and procedures should an actual emergency occur. Near each elevator lobby and stairway, you will find a sign indicating the nearest emergency exits. The location of fire extinguishers is also clearly marked. If a fire should occur, do not use elevators and follow all safety directions from the hospital staff.

Employees also receive regular educational courses on infection control. Our housekeeping staff follows a strict routine in disinfecting surfaces and maintaining a clean environment for your health and safety. We go to great lengths to keep you safe and secure during your stay. If you should find anything out of the ordinary that could jeopardize safety, please report it immediately to anyone on our staff or call the operator to page security or after hour’s phone the nurses’ station at

(318) 648-3093 or (318) 648-3077.



  • can be accessed at Winn Parish Medical Center.
  • Winn Parish Medical Center offers scheduled appointments to complete Medicaid applications.
    Call (318) 648-3000 to schedule your appointment.
  • Wi-Fi Access
  • Smoking Cessation and Heart Failure education material available upon request

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